Increase your peace of mind

Keep all your locks at your fingertips anywhere you go, know who’s coming in to your home, and easily manage access to your premises at distance, thanks to IKILOCK, the new highly-secured smart lock designed for your smart home.

Lock and unlock from everywhere

Maintain control of your door through your smartphone wherever you are, from the other side of the street or the other side of the earth.

Highly secured connections

Ikilock deploys a reliable, highly secured next generation data transmission system. A smart lock that keeps smart thieves away.

Open your bulding door from any distance

Ikilock is the first smart lock that also opens your building door from a distance, with the same application on your smartphone.

Share Virtual Keys with people

Share a virtual key to with your family and friends, or with service providers, and manage your virtual keyring at distance.

Increase your peace of mind

Be notified in real-time when individuals enter or leave your house, and check remotely if your door is correctly closed and locked.

Open Buildings remotly

A keyless entry to your home is great, but getting into your building first is better ! Ikilock is the first lock smart enough to also open your building door with your smartphone, from anywere.

Share virtual keys

No more keys under the mat

Do not risk the loss or theft of your keys any longer, and stop wasting time and money copying keys for your visitors. Thanks to IKILOCK, traditional metallic keys now belong to past.

Be secure and comfortable with sharing virtual keys with family, friends or service providers, and give them permanent or temporary access to your home on their smartphones. You can create as many virtual keys as you want, and disable them remotely at any moment. It’s more secure, more handy and easier to use.

Be notified when your loved ones get home

Receive live status updates each time an authorized user enters or leaves your home, and know when children are back from school or when the plumber comes to repair the sink. Check remotely if your door is correctly closed and locked, and go about your business with peace of mind.

Smart, Secure, and Elegant

Because a system that brings you serenity must do so gracefully, a special care has been taken in the design of our products. They are made of brushed metal with a wooden front, available in different natural wood species, that makes each piece unique.

IKILOCK : Upgrade your door!

Smart & Secure

IKILOCK is fixed on the inside of your door, replacing your original lock, but remains unnoticed from the outside. You can control IKILOCK, wherever your are, with our free mobile app on your smartphone (compatible with iOS and Android).

You still have traditional metallic keys as an optional backup opening mode.

IKILOCK is powered by AA lithium batteries, which will provide a full year of power to the device.

IKILOCK relies on multimodal openings: our mobile app uses the most suitable connection mode to open the door the most reliable and secure way.

IKILOCK can be set on doors with US deadbolt locks and with euro-profile cylinders.

Its compact dimensions (height 179mm, width 33mm, thickness 40mm) allow IKILOCK to fit even with the more narrow doors.

the heart of your system

IKIPLUG Multifunction is the heart of your system.

Simply pluged to an electric outlet, it connects IKILOCK to the Internet, so you can remotely control your lock wherever you are.

But if it is linked to your intercom, it also triggers the opening of your building entrance door, or of your gate.

IKIPLUG Multifunction drives every authentication processes for each opening request, so that there is no direct communication between your door lock and the Internet, for a maximum safety. IKIPLUG implements a highly secured, patented data transmission system developed by our society.

IKIPLUG MULTIFUNCTION allows to manage several IKILOCKs of a given area in network, so that you can control all the doors of your house or company.


Upgrade you door in a few minutes!

IKILOCK is easy to install! Simply remove the original cylinder and replace it with the cylinder provided, on which IKILOCK is attached. No drilling is needed so there is no damage caused to the door.